Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Days

To be quite honest I do not have time to blog right now, but, I'm going to anyway. Things have been pretty busy lately. I pretty much got back from Montgomery Tuesday night of April 14 and haven't really taken a breath since. I substituted and then we had the golf tournament that Friday. Regarding the golf tournament- it was great. I had a great time. PLUS, I won a t-shirt for being on the team with the highest score (for those of you who didn't get that just now, it means I got a prize for being on the worst team there).

Anyway, since then I have subbed a lot, including my birthday when I was supposed to sub for gym and showed up fully equipped with a lawn chair, a frisbee and a whiffle ball bat. I did that for 3 periods and then the journalism teacher had to leave so I went to her class the rest of the day. I was fine with that because being in there made my think of Mr. Forbus (old journalism professor) which meant I spent most of the day trying to get people to use words that actually describe what they mean. The rest of that day was pretty eventful. Got called back to camp to make a bed- a little bit infuriating but fine. Ran out of gas- I'm an idiot. Made it to The Pig- hooray. Then I went to Wilco, which was awesome. I do feel like I would be over glorifying the experience if I didn't try to convey how absolutely AWFUL the opening band was. A Hawk and a Hack Saw- look them up, they're terrible. And, in all honesty, I briefly fell asleep during Wilco (combination of exhaustion and other things). BUT, Wilco was pretty amazing.

Last weekend was Double Decker weekend in Oxford, which was pretty awesome. They close of the square and people set up tents and sell things and there are bands and it was great. The most important thing to note is that there was one of the best petting zoos of all time. I got to feed the llama.

Today is filled with getting camp ready for a group that will be coming in tomorrow. Plus church. Tomorrow, I think I may be off to the ATL (happy days).

My name is Samantha Lewis and I've been busy.

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