Saturday, May 9, 2009

525, 600

A year come and gone.  It seems like just a month or so ago I was getting ready to go work at Camp Lake Stephens for the summer with high expectations and ABSOLUTELY no idea what to expect.  But here I am, a year later- getting ready to start staff training again on Tuesday.  It's crazy how quickly a year goes by.  I'm starting to get pretty excited about the summer.  I think it's going to be a good one.  I know a lot more what I'm doing and what's going on.  Being at camp this past year has given me a pretty good perspective.  

Mr. Joe will be here all summer this summer, so I suppose I'll have to find something else to bring a little mid-summer added joy.  Maybe that mid-summer joy will be finding a house...?  That would be great.  And turns out that I've got a little furniture to go inside said house, which is more that I expected.  Couch- check; recliner- check; queen size bed- maybe check; dining room table- check.  I mean, that's a heck of a start.  Not sure that I'm ready to graduate to a "big kid bed."  Haha, at 24 years old I have never owned a bed bigger than a twin... awesome.

An aside, I believe that there are many things we take for granted or do not appreciate enough.  For me, I take for granted the wonder that is iTunes.  I mean, what did we do before this?  Sure, we had CDs but that involved a CD player and blah blah blah.  Right here on my computer I can have every bit of music I own.  Phenomenal.

There's plenty to be done this week.  I started moving out of cabin 24 and into the Ad. Building but got about as far as my sheets and called it good.  Now I'm on a bit of a time constraint- it needs to be done TOMORROW.  I know that many people procrastinate, but I am sometimes able to take it to the next level.  "It's not that I'm lazy Bob, it's that I just don't care."  That's not entirely true for me though- it actually is that I'm lazy.

Well, there's plenty more to say but I think I'll be a big kid and go to bed at a reasonable hour so as not to be worthless tomorrow (plus the Internet is in and out and it's about to drive me nuts).

My name is Samantha Lewis and it's been a year already.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleep Cycles

So, I don't know when it happened but at some point this year I took a detour from the camp schedule and started staying up until ridiculous hours.  The thing is, getting back on camp schedule is going to be difficult.  It's also important to note that my new sleep schedule has not been to stay up to ridiculous hours and then sleep late.  I'm talking about staying up until sometime between 2 and 4 a.m. and then waking up the next morning between 6 and 8 a.m.  What the heck is wrong here?  I mean, surely I will be doing this for study purposes next year but there is really no point in doing it now.  I used to do it in undergrad because I liked to hang out with people as long as they were awake and then do my alone studying after everyone was asleep.  Now though, I'm doing nothing productive.  I have been on facebook, talked on AIM (which I had completely forgotten existed until recently), read a couple of blogs that interest me, read the New York Times online, watched YouTube videos.  Seriously, I'm not sure that this is something I should be staying awake for.  And yet times when I've tried to adapt back to a normal schedule I've been unsuccessful.  I tried to do so last night.  I put in a movie and laid in bed.  At 10:00 I turned the movie off and snuggled into bed.  I laid there, and laid there, and laid there.  Nothing.  No sleep.  Then, having set my alarm for 11:00 a.m., I was awake at 7:00 a.m.  I've got to start doing some sleep inducing drugs or something (um, actually, ignore that- bad idea).   Anyway,  I've now reached a sleeping hour window and I think that I will try to grasp it.

My name is Samantha Lewis and I am going to sleep...