Monday, February 2, 2009

"Uh, I'm not sure what my address is..."

So I was filing my taxes today when I was prompted to give my adjusted gross income for 2007. I know that most people keep up with these things as they are important. I, however, do not. I had to call the IRS and ask them. I talked with a very nice lady, we'll call her K, who was happy to help, she just needed to confirm that I was Samantha Lewis. She asked me my social security number and I gladly told her that it was 123-45-6789. Then I gave her my middle initial and then my phone number. Then, she asked for my address. This is what happened"

Me: 117 Camp Lake Stephens Drive
K: Did you have a different one last year?
Me: Oh yeah! It must have been 1884 Hill Hedge
K: Um, no
Me: Oh, 1521 Wellman or 301 Briarcliff?
K: No
Me: OH! 939 W. Outer Drive
K: No
Me: 106 Panama
K: No, not that one either
Me: Can you at least tell me what state it was in?
K: No, I can't release that information.
Me: Yeah, ok. Um, gosh... OH! It must be 1500 East Fairview. I was there a really long time.
K: No, that's not it.
Me: I really just don't know what to tell you. I just named like 15 addresses.

Anyway, I never came up with the address so she had to ask me a bunch of other questions. Also, at the end after she had told me my 2007 AGI, I asked if she would tell me what the address was. She said no.

My name is Samantha Lewis and I've moved a lot recently.

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