Friday, February 13, 2009

Planning Period

Teachers have a lot of work to do and in order to prepare for classes they have what is called planning period. Important, necessary, good. For the people who substitute for them from time to time it is called free time. I have nothing to plan. I could do some work but I am simply not motivated to do so. My favorite are teachers who have 1st or 7th period planning because it means that I get to show up late or leave early. Teaching one class and then having planning is absolutely worthless. Today I am just antsy. Seriously, I walked around the school for a while and stopped in the office to see if there was anything they needed done. I'm like a bored little kid.

In other news I feel that I should report on Mr. Joe. I know that full updates are available on his blog but I would like to note that I'm pretty sure he's jealous of the Xbox. It's funny because he's never shown jealousy for my computer which I spend hours on but there's something about the Xbox. Perhaps he senses how incredibly angry I can become while playing it, I honestly do not know. I do know that every time I play he suddenly becomes needy. Mr. Joe is not a very affectionate dog. He likes a good scratch but rarely begs for it. When I play Xbox he nuzzles his nose under my hands and gets as close to me as possible. It's funny to me.

Also, a couple of notable quotes before I leave:

Me: I don't believe in politics
D: I don't believe in politics either but it keeps happening

Jo: I would live in a communist country if Jesus was in charge
J: Then you're gonna love the Kingdom of God

My name is Samantha Lewis and I need an activity.

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