Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good friends

It's so good to be around friends. It really doesn't matter what's going on in my life, if I can be around friends, I'm good to go. To be honest, I'm probably too dependent on other people. I have a hard time being alone and I'm discovering that it has very little to do with boredom. I don't care that I'm bored because I'm alone, I care that I'm alone. I need some sort of community living situation.

I went to College Sunday School at First UMC Montgomery this morning and we discussed the economy and how that pertains to our lives and what we should be doing personally. I have decided that I can fix the economy. It's very simple. We will just declare a year of jubilee, releasing everyone from their debts. It'd be like wiping the slate clean. They used to do this several thousand years ago. I'm bringing it back. Unfortunately no one owes me anything so I can't really release any one's debt. Well, I guess the IRS owes me a return on my taxes. Somehow I don't think calling the IRS to tell them not to worry about it would do any good in helping get this year of jubilee idea off the ground. I am a little convicted about my stuff though. I should get rid of it. I just don't want to. This is the fundamental problem for many Christians. We're supposed to do something but we just don't want to let go.

Blah. I will deal with that soon. It keeps coming up and I can't avoid it.

Oh well. For now, I'm out. May I highly recommend checking out Make a play list, listen to music, but it doesn't download it so you're not stealing. Hooray!

My name is Samantha Lewis and I'm going to go eat an ice cream sandwich.

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