Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Retreat and Romance Novels

I went to First UMC Montgomery's Winter Retreat this past weekend. It was good to see all of the kids but the set up/clean up/events in between were exhausting as usual. The speaker, David Liggit, did a really good job. He certainly has a gift for relating to youth. All in all, it was a worth while weekend. I think the youth were able to grow a lot over the weekend.

One of the major bonus' for me over the weekend was that Kathryn and Caroline (former youth) were chaperons for the weekend. They may be intentionally inappropriate but they are certainly a lot of fun. One incident that was particularly amusing for me was when Kathryn, for one reason or another, ended up shouting out the word Herpes. I berated her and one of the moms gave her a "you're going to hell look." Kathryn's response was classic: "What? Herpes isn't a bad word, it's a venereal disease." Oh, Kathryn. This along with Caroline and her saying "That's what she said" whenever possible.

On a completely separate note, I've gotten back into reading romance novels. They make my heart flutter a little bit. It's pretty ridiculous.

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