Monday, March 30, 2009

Best day of my life

So I'm ready to get back to having the best day of my life every day. I did this for about two years and then it kind of slipped away. Well, I'm trying to give "best day of my life" a come back tour. Mostly because, well, it's the right state of mind. I think my parents called this the Pollyanna point of view. She played "the glad game". But I always thought that was kind of lame. Mostly I thought it was lame because it was infuriating to be angry and then have your mother say "you should play the glad game." I didn't want to be glad, I wanted to be pissed. Well, the basis of "best day of my life" is pretty similar except that it's not from Pollyanna and it does not imply that I'm always happy. Instead, "best day of my life" simply is my personal reminder that I was not guaranteed another day. Life is uncertain, each day is my gift from God. I think it's about time I start treating it like that again.

My name is Samantha Lewis and I'm having the best day of my life.

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